North American Karate

North American Karate
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The basis of Tang Soo Do is to teach its pupil the ways of confidence, discipline, self defense and physical fitness through the 8 key concepts of courage, concentration, endurance, honesty, humility, control of power, tension and relaxation, and speed control. Tang Soo Do is foremost a striking art using blocks, punches, kicks and joint locks for self defense and to build physical fitness.

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North American Karate and Fitness is a traditional martial arts school teaching its students how to improve their lifestyle in general by bettering mind, body and spirit through the arts of Tang Soo Do and Haidong Gumdo. NAKF is a grouping of schools under the parent organization of the North American Tang Soo Do Association, both of which are headed by Master Peter Oien whom has been a practicing martial artist for over 30 years.
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